I’m Nick. A digital producer/project manager/editor in Salt Lake City.

I spent the last 3.5 years as an Editor at Pluralsight. Initially, I worked on the Software Developer content team, the most established part of Pluralsight. After about a year there was an opportunity to help start the Creative/Design /Engineering team, which sounded incredibly interesting to me. I was always more interested in those areas and helping to create a startup within the company was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

As the Managing Editor, I was tasked with building out the editorial team and making sure we had the skills to work on the standard content but also the video production chops to travel to different locations and film interviews and other courses.

The CDE team grew and we started working at trade shows and gaining partnerships. We grew in revenue each year and our team more than doubled in size. Sadly, Pluralsight dissolved the division and laid off many of the employees involved, including me. I loved building this new product. I met hundreds of industry professionals from all the world and many of them I now consider friends, even though we’ve mainly spoken via email and Skype calls.

Basically, I just want to make awesome things. Websites, videos, articles, content in general. A fast-paced startup culture is where I thrive. I want to make sure I learn something new every day and that I’m surrounded by people who are smarter and more skilled than me so I can learn from them as well.

Now for the long version:

I grew up in Salt Lake, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after High School so I worked on getting some requirements out of the way at the community college. Transferring to the University of Utah I focused on History, mainly the Middle East and Post-WW2 Europe, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2007. Snuck a brief stint as a tour guide in Moab in there too.

My dad was a cop, and that always seemed like a career path for me, which I was very wrong about. After talking to him and his colleagues, I looked into work with the Feds. The goal was the State Department, visa fraud investigations and working at embassies sounded awesome. Or maybe being a Ranger someplace like Lake Powell, living in isolation and cruising around on a boat helping tourists. I started applying for jobs with every agency that was hiring.

I worked at Ancestry.com in the meantime. I dug my job and got to look at cool historical documents and get some office experience. I was interviewing with the United States Secret Service, after passing the Treasury Enforcement Agent exam (think LSAT for cops), and was a laid off from Ancestry during a re-org.

I went through a full interview process to be a Secret Service Agent but I was a fresh-faced kid without much experience, they told me to try to be a Uniformed Division Officer first then transfer to Agent. So, I did. I took the NPOST (National test to be a cop), passed that and a few polygraph tests and about 4 months after leaving Ancestry I was employed by the United States Secret Service.

I packed up my car and headed out to training in Georgia. Now in February I’d had surgery to fix my constant heartburn, turns out there had been complications. I discovered these complications while living at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. They sent me home and I went through a barrage of tests, turns out I needed surgery again. And again, there were complications. I kept working at the field office in Salt Lake but after a year I was still struggling, I had to resign.

It just so happened that during this year I was lucky enough to learn that the Federal Law Enforcement life wasn’t for me. I got a job working for Western Governors University and went back to school to study New Media. Since 2008 I had been working with my friends on BigShinyRobot.com and I loved it. I wanted to be a better video editor, a better writer, to understand how to work on professional copy and marketing. I graduated with my New Media degree in 2013 and transferred to the Digital Marketing department at WGU to work on the Paid Search team.

All the while we were still working on BigShinyRobot and I loved it. Editing and writing articles, Podcasting, shooting video. During the day though, I was working on keywords and optimizing ad copy. Every day during my commute I saw these ads for Pluralsight and it just so happened they needed an Editor, but you already read about that.